[Spread-users] Validation Suite

Roel Van der Goot roel at yottayotta.com
Wed Sep 20 12:44:33 EDT 2000

Hi Jonathan,

> No. There is not a validation suite. We have a set of tests we run by hand
> using the flooder, user, and monitor tools to check it.

I want to incorporate Spread in a thread library. This mainly means that the
Spread daemon becomes a thread. Afterwards it would be handy to test whether
the incorporation was succesful by rerunning a validation suite. What I think
would be nice to have is a  Spread (test) daemon that can be instructed to
fail in several ways.
For example, after message 10 leave client 1 out, or after message 5 pretend
a daemon failure. It would be ideal if these instructions could be provided
at the command line or in a file. This would probably benifit yourself as
well in the development of Spread.

> I have some interest in better automated tools, but it is a hard problem
> (harder then most software testing) because most of the interesting bugs
> only show up when multiple daemons are running on multiple machines and
> they crash/recover in interesting patterns :-)

See above for how to be able to create interesting patterns.

> If you have some specific features/properties that are important to you
> and you really want to validate, email me and I can probably help you.

I am mainly interested in failures of any kind, so I guess that boils down to
client and server failures.


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