[Spread-users] Spread.pm

Andreas Dembach andreas.dembach at kopernikus.de
Mon Dec 11 12:38:03 EST 2000

Hi there,

I'm trying to use Spread in one of my perl programs for multicast
Spread is installed and the example programs work as expected.
But I'm experiencing problems with the Perl Module...

When I try to join a group, I'm getting a "Illegal Session" error. Why?
This is the code:

my $mbox = SP_connect( {
    'spread_name' => '4803',
    'private_name' => 'user',
                } ) || die "Could not connect to local Spread daemon:

# (BTW: This is wrong in the Spread.pm Perl-doc, parameters are supplied
as anon-hash?)
# I want to join the group "CacheExp"

SP_join($mbox, 'CacheExp') || die "join:  $sperrno";

this returns:

"join:  Illegal Session at blib/lib/Base/Cache.pm line 48."

Can anybody help?
Andreas.Dembach at urbia.com

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