[Spread-users] FEC support, bw control, msg size, encryption and data resends

Charl Matthee charl at mailgate.net
Tue Aug 22 08:03:56 EDT 2000

I have a few questions about Spread's current and future features:

FEC support
Does Spread currently employ any kind of FEC (forward error correction) 
for reliable multicast with no back channel? Is it being reviewed for 
future releases?

Bandwidth Control
Does Spread offer any way to limit bandwidth to specified groups?

Maximum 'message' size at 100KBytes
Does this message size refer to communication between daemons or data

User/group specific multicast IP address allocation
Spread seems to have good support for user/group specific multicast IP
address allocation. Is there any support for encrypted data streams to
run on top of this?

Reliable multicast
Does the reliable multicast incorporate packet-specific resends of
data, or does a whole data 'message'/file/object need to be



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